Rugby ATL Launches ‘Rugby 101’ Educational Video Series

Jun 15, 2020 | Blog, News

In an effort to stay proactive in our mission of Pushing the #PACE through growing the game in our community, Rugby ATL has created our new series, ‘Rugby 101,’ to break down the game of rugby for our excited fanbase.

In our first episode, pro player Neethling “Neets” Gericke introduces us to the game of rugby: summarizing the amount of players on each team, the size of the playing field, the duration of a single match, the ways in which a team may move the ball, and score. By the end of this educational video, our fans will know that there are fifteen players on the field for each team, with eight substitutions, playing an eighty-minute match, on a one hundred meter long pitch, running, passing, and kicking the ball to advance their position and inevitably score.

After establishing some of the fundamental aspects of our game, “Coachie primed our viewers for the next core facet of our game: defense.

For more information on the game of rugby, go to our YouTube page for our educational content on how the sport is played, and check out our informational live series, ‘The RATL Roundup,’ to learn about our organization as a whole.