Rugby ATL Produces Third Video of ‘Rugby 101’ Series

Jun 16, 2020 | Blog, News

In this weeks episode of our ‘Rugby 101’ video series, centered around growing our game and the understanding of it within our community, pro player Neets Gericke takes us through the roster of Rugby ATL, breaking down the positions and traditional roles of each player. With help from the starting fifteen, we’re taught the position name, number, and specialties to each designated player.

Beginning with the forwards, we learn just how pivotal the front eight positions are to winning a match, with each player mentioning their role in either securing the ball during the set-piece or using their physicality in open play, on defense or offense.

Behind our powerful pack are our skilled and crafty backs, numbered nine through fifteen. Their jobs really kick off after the ball has been won or lost, as the backs orchestrate attacking moves, kick for position, possession, or pressure, or organize themselves to come up and defend in space. Two of the positions most essential to the teams’ success are the scrumhalf and flyhalf, the team’s conductor, and the playmaker, respectively. Set outside of them are a mix of hard runners, excellent passers, and electrifying finishers.

If you’re enjoying our educational video series so far and want to learn more, look online to our YouTube page for episode four, and follow along as we teach the specific terminology related to the game of rugby.