Rugby ATL Releases Second Video of Educational Series: ‘Rugby 101’

Jun 16, 2020 | Blog, News

As part of our organization’s mission to grow the game in our community by pushing the #PACE, Rugby ATL released the second video of our Rugby 101 series, geared to break down the code of Rugby Union for our evolving fanbase.

In the second video of our series, pro “Neets” Gericke educates us about a core skill of the game of rugby, playing defense, with the help of Captain Ryan Nell.

To begin our lesson, Neets explains to us the definition of a tackle: when a defender makes contact with their shoulders and arms below the ball carriers neck and finishes the tackle when the attacking player is on the ground. After this, a ruck is formed, and we are taught about the offside line that forms on the defensive side of a ruck, as well as the importance of coming up in a solid line on defense. This connectivity coupled with aggression can lead to the opponent kicking away possession, making mistakes, or letting the ball be stolen by the defense before or after a tackle is made.

Not to leave the fans left wanting, our video could not end before Ryan Nell made an exemplary form tackle: hitting below the ball, leading with his shoulder, wrapping his arms through the tackle, and driving his feet through the target.

For more information on the game of rugby, and to watch Rugby ATL tackling in action, follow along through our ‘Rugby 101’ series on our YouTube page, and look for our next video: where “Coachie” explains the traditional positions in rugby.


‘The RATL Roundup’ Launches Collegiate Readiness Camp in Fourteenth Episode

‘The RATL Roundup’ Launches Collegiate Readiness Camp in Fourteenth Episode

Atlanta, Georgia – On September 6th, 2020, Rugby ATL released our fourteenth episode of ‘The RATL Roundup,’ announcing the creation of our “Pre-Season Readiness Camp” for collegiate players, which will happen here at Rugby ATL HQ in Marietta, GA, from December 11-22. Head Coach Scott Lawrence and 404 Academy Assistant Coach Neets Gericke sat down at the island in HQ to talk through the plans for our next big investment in the driven American players who will #PushThePACE for their club in 2021.
To apply now for a chance to be selected for our Pre-Season Preparation Readiness Camp, follow the directions on our link here:

New ‘The RATLER’ Logo Unveiled in Episode Thirteen of ‘The RATL Roundup’

New ‘The RATLER’ Logo Unveiled in Episode Thirteen of ‘The RATL Roundup’

On August 9th, for the thirteenth episode of ‘The RATL Roundup,’ we had the immense pleasure of being able to sit down and speak with players Chance Wenglewski and Ryan Britain, for their pivotal roles in creating our new logo, ‘The RATLER.’ Through their combined artistic talents, they have given life to a new era here at Rugby ATL.