Rugby ATL Airs Fifth Installment of ‘The RATL Roundup’ Live Series

Jun 17, 2020 | Blog, News

Atlanta, Georgia- On June 1st, 2020, Rugby ATL released our fifth episode of ‘The RATL Roundup,’ our weekly series live-streamed to share some of the people behind our organization with our viewers.

This week, our episode featured players Duncan Van Schalkwyk, Alex Maughan, and Chance Wenglewski, as they shared their stories around growing up with the game of rugby, and how it has affected the trajectory of their lives. From the beginning of their journeys, starting as childhood competitors, to coming to rugby in high school, Duncan and Alex, and Chance discovered their passions for the game and devoted themselves seriously to developing their respective games. As their college careers ended, Duncan and Alex had won multiple National Championships at Life, Chance and Alex had both received their first caps at the national level with the USA Eagles, and all three had earned recognition as Collegiate All-Americans, playing together in the same match against Oxford.

After offering their insights into the Southeastern rugby scene they grew up in, our players took turns talking about the privileges each young man had, to grow up through the age grades of the national development teams, to hone their professional ethos and their athletic potential through high-performance environments.

When asked about particular takeaways on the jump into high-potential, Duncan spoke primarily about the accountability required as a player off the field, and how following strict, good habits will help you achieve your best. Alex emphasized the importance of the team in higher levels of rugby, and how group cohesion breeds success against a strong opponent. Then chance spoke to his first experiences playing for Coach Scott Lawrence in the Americas Pacific Challenge, and reinforced the importance of cohesion and good habits Coach Lawrence fostered in order to put together a high caliber performance.

If you want to hear more from our players, you can find information about their feats and fundamentals through our YouTube page; and to hear more about our organization, follow us online, on Facebook as Rugby ATL, on Instagram @rugbyatl, and be sure to look out for our next ‘RATL Roundup.’