Rugby ATL Posts Episode 9 of ‘Rugby 101’ Video Series on the Tackle

Jun 17, 2020 | Blog, News

In this weeks ‘Rugby 101’ video series, Neets Gericke talks us through one of rugby’s most essential core skills: the tackle.

With the help of a few trusty teammates, Neets takes us out to the training ground to explain the demonstrations of tackle outcomes: a made tackle, a missed tackle, and a hold-up, or choke tackle; along with the objectives of the ball carrier when being held up.

Next, we’re taught about how a tackle can turn into a maul. The players then demonstrate tackles that are deemed dangerous, and would be penalized in a match. Examples of these are the dump tackle, the high tackle, the shoulder charge, and the grass cutter tackle, popularized by American football.

After showing us what not to do, as well as explaining why each variation is a safety hazard, the boys go through the acceptable tackle possibilities: the low tackle, the ball height tackle, the double tackle, and the ankle tap.

Then, with enough explanation of tackle types, the players demonstrate a simple drill to work on their tackle technique, from tackling their attacker to their body profile on the hit, and the inevitable follow through.

Finally, Neets shows us some of the video clips from Rugby ATL matches. After a few successful tackles, we are given further explanation to the laws around the tackle: how the tackler must roll away, any assisting tacklers must release, the ball carrier must only be allowed one move with the ball before releasing unless they are not held, and how the ball carrier can avoid being held up if they can get their knee to the ground.

With all of this information on the tackle, Neets sets us up for the ideal segue into our next ‘Rugby 101’ video: the breakdown.


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