Rugby ATL Posts Final Part of ‘Rugby 101’ Series on the Set Piece: The Backlines Role

Jun 17, 2020 | Blog, News

For this week, to conclude our ‘Rugby 101’ mini-series on the set-piece, pro player Neets Gericke teaches us in the session about the backlines role off the set-piece. After addressing the spacing requirements a backline needs, Neets takes us out to the training ground where we listen to some of our backs describe: the main objectives on attack and defense, areas on the field to attack, variations of attack, and how to stop an attacking teams momentum when on defense.

After establishing the objectives of the backline on an offensive and defensive set-piece, Neets puts the boys through a simple three versus two drill, giving two reps to focus on attack, and two reps to focus on defense. Through attacking straight and accurate passing, the offense has their best chance to break the defense. Conversely, through quick line speed, communication, solid connection, and great tracking through the tackle, the defense can work together to smother a good attack.

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