‘The RATL Roundup’ Launches Collegiate Readiness Camp in Fourteenth Episode

Atlanta, Georgia – On September 6th, 2020, Rugby ATL released our fourteenth episode of ‘The RATL Roundup,’ announcing the creation of our “Pre-Season Readiness Camp” for collegiate players, which will happen here at Rugby ATL HQ in Marietta, GA, from December 11-22. Head Coach Scott Lawrence and 404 Academy Assistant Coach Neets Gericke sat down at the island in HQ to talk through the plans for our next big investment in the driven American players who will #PushThePACE for their club in 2021.

As former collegiate coaches, Coach Lawrence and Coach Gericke both have a great understanding of what collegiate players need to get ready for their respective seasons, as well as what these young men will need to move through the pathway to the MLR. Together, they created a program designed as a primer to the upcoming spring season, focused on developing the skills that players must possess, the traditional roles of their positions that they must be effective at performing, and increasing the baseline of their strength and conditioning levels for the beginning of their season.

During the camp, players will work in direct contact with the coaches to create their own Individual Development Plan (IDP) for the camp, participate in film sessions on themselves to learn about their habits and how they can improve, and review their progress in camp in their IDP, in order to clearly address their growth and their intent to move forward, both into their next season and in their careers.

The goal of this camp is to offer everything we can as a resource to USA Rugby’s best talent, so out of all the applicants who send in their rugby resume for consideration, only three players per position will be selected to attend the camp. In order to optimize a resume, Coach Lawrence offers some sage advice, in both to urge potential campers to be tangible in your examples, and to know your superpower: have an understanding of what gets you selected every week, and be mindful to make sure that your superpower is an early highlight of your CV.

To apply now for a chance to be selected for our Pre-Season Preparation Readiness Camp, follow the directions on our link here: https://rugbyatl.rugby/product/winter-camp/

For more information on our organization, our camps, or our staff, you can email us at [email protected], visit us online at rugbyatl.rugby, or follow us on our social media handles @RugbyATL and @404rugby.


New ‘The RATLER’ Logo Unveiled in Episode Thirteen of ‘The RATL Roundup’

Atlanta, Georgia – On August 9th, for the thirteenth episode of ‘The RATL Roundup,’ we had the immense pleasure of being able to sit down and speak with players Chance Wenglewski and Ryan Britain, for their pivotal roles in creating our new logo, ‘The RATLER.’ For Chance, a graphic designer and visual artist, creating ‘The RATLER,’ entailed conceptualizing, sketching, and then painting a twenty-foot tall rattlesnake on our gym wall at headquarters. As our lead graphic designer, Ryan was the catalyst for our new graphic imagery. Through their combined artistic talents, they have given life to a new era here at Rugby ATL.

Together the group unveiled a couplet of content, which involved an image of ‘The RATLER’ itself along with an anatomy of the logo, that provided creative insight into the thought put into our most recent evolution: on its creation, its characteristics, how it develops our identity.

As we continue to create better and brighter content, we have the incredible opportunity to champion our grassroots. Our revamped ‘RATLER’ merchandise is currently being sold online, through our strategic partnership with the Wear Your Roots clothing collection. For more information, and to make your purchases online, check out our website rugbyatl.rugby, and be sure to stay on the lookout for our next episode of ‘The RATL Roundup.’