Rugby ATL (RATL) Reveals A Secondary Logo

Rugby ATL (RATL) Reveals A Secondary Logo

In Major League Rugby’s 3rd installment, RATL entered as an expansion team in 2020, as representatives for the Southeast region of the United States of America. From inception, RATL wanted to differentiate itself from the league by establishing its foundation on core values, and the commitment to spreading those values throughout the community. 

Conducting an electric match-day experience and accepting accountability as ambassadors for rugby in our region were our primary objectives for the inaugural season. Through that effort and execution, the fans immediately bought into RATL. Supporter groups even began showing up in “RATL Snake” t-shirts, playing off the acronym, RATL. The “fan brand” stuck immediately.

During this off-season, owner Marcus Calloway wanted to thank the fans for their support, and show them through brand recognition that they are a strategic pillar of the franchise.

The “RATL Snake” logo is a perfect complement to the shared identity that envelops the fans, the players, the franchise, and our territory, as one.

#RATL #TimeToEat #PACE

Pathway 404 Announces Partnership with Wear Your Roots

Pathway 404 Announces Partnership with Wear Your Roots

Press Release:

For Immediate Release July 21st, 2020


Rugby ATL is proud to announce a partnership with Wear Your Roots (WYR), a clothing line established, produced and operated in the United States of America. The two franchises are committed to using the sport of rugby to help generate future leaders in the community.


WYR owners Brandon Slocum and Aaron Sipe have been working to provide their customers with premium products, excellent customer service, and dependable order fulfillment. Their modern and edgy products range from singlets to sweatshirts to travel packs and even pint glasses; the perfect line-up for any Rugby ATL fans proud of their region.


“WYR is extremely excited to announce its new, official partnership with Rugby ATL. We feel the direction Rugby ATL is moving in aligns well with our #GrowTheGame campaign that we had established with the USA Eagles Rugby program. Rugby is far more than just a game, or sport, it is a platform that molds and develops youth by teaching them hard work, team play, and community.  Rugby ATL has big plans ahead of them with their Pathway 404 platform which will be extremely valuable to the surrounding rugby communities. We believe that through this partnership, WYR & Rugby ATL will be able to raise the standards for community development through the sport of rugby,” said Owner, Brandon Slocum.


The Wear Your Roots line will work in parallel with the mission of growing the game in the Southeast region through Pathway 404 and increasing the sense of community around rugby here in Georgia. With a rich ecosystem of strong sports franchises already established in the area, Rugby ATL will look to capitalize on the symbolism of both brands to establish a modern style of fan gear for the growing supporter groups.


“We are excited to partner with a company that is aligned on our vision to spread values through Pathway 404 to the greater Southeast region. Having worked on a few small projects with Brandon during my time with USA Rugby, it was only a matter of time before we began collaborating here at Rugby ATL. WYR is a contemporary brand, with a quality line of products that helps us showcase our commitment to our roots here in the Southeast. We look forward to working with Brandon and Aaron to help them succeed in their campaign to #GrowTheGame and bring a premium set of gear to our fans,” said Kevin McCorry, Vice President for Rugby ATL.


Though many have criticized the name of the team, Rugby ATL has stayed true to its name by owning the responsibility to be strong ambassadors of the city and region as a whole. This partnership is an extension of the accountability to create change in your backyard and strengthen the sense of pride that comes with being a sports fan of an ATL franchise.


For your full line-up of Rugby ATL & Wear Your Roots gear, please visit our online store.

Cumberland Diamond Exchange – Official Jewelers of Rugby ATL

Cumberland Diamond Exchange – Official Jewelers of Rugby ATL

Rugby ATL Partners with Cumberland Diamond Exchange

Press Release: For Immediate Release

July 16th, 2020

We are proud to announce that Cumberland Diamond Exchange (CDE),  will be the Official Jeweler of Rugby ATL through 2022.

Cumberland Diamond Exchange is a full-service, fine jewelry retailer specializing in engagement rings, wedding bands, custom design, and more. Ranked in the top 5% of independent, specialty jewelers in the United States, CDE is a first-generation, family-owned fine jewelry store. The philosophy of “Service with Excellence” has remained the foundation of the business and has helped to develop and sustain long-term relationships with its customers for over 35 years.

“We are excited and honored to partner with Rugby ATL (RATL).  As the Official Jeweler, we feel that RATL’s core values coupled with its management and coaching staff will become the Gold Standard of Major League Rugby. After our exposure to the game day experience, we were hooked on partnering with such an exciting action-packed sport. We look forward to aligning our organizations to make a difference by helping others prosper in our community” said Owner Mark Jacobson.

One of those long-lasting relationships CDE has sustained is with Rugby ATL owners, Marcus, and Clea Calloway. Their commitment to excellence and service to the community aligns perfectly with the PACE values Rugby ATL was built upon.

“Cumberland Diamond Exchange always goes above and beyond to serve their customers with excellence and are always creating opportunities for advancement in the community. We are beyond grateful to have them behind Rugby ATL as we prepare for the 2021 season. Mark, his wife Rhonda, daughter Melissa and their wonderful team have raised the standard on providing resources and opportunities for us (RATL) to win on and off the field,” said Rugby ATL Owner Marcus Calloway.

Highlighted in the agreement is CDE’s commitment to helping spread the PACE values to the youth in underserved communities in the Greater Atlanta Area, through Rugby ATL’s non-profit, Pathway 404. Together, through the sport of rugby, we look to create positive change and growth for everyone involved.

Explore the Cumberland Diamond Collection

Living at P.A.C.E with General Manager and Head Coach Scott Lawrence

Living at P.A.C.E with General Manager and Head Coach Scott Lawrence

A message from Rugby ATL’s General Manager and Head Coach Scott Lawrence on what it means to live at PACE.

Living at PACE

For the last 17 years, I’ve held two jobs as both a software executive for Accenture then Oracle,  and what most would consider a “full-time” coaching roles with Life University, the USA Rugby National Teams, and RugbyATL.  Now, add in 3 children, 40,000 miles per year on the road, 4-hour sleep nights and it’s the perfect cocktails for a life controlled chaos.

Sound familiar?

Reflecting on these past years, I’m very grateful for the flywheel effect rugby coaching, corporate leadership, and parenting has all had on each other. Each avenue has had a developmental impact on me and with practice, allowed me to help software developers, executives, players, and coaches move closer to the best version of themselves.

Until the formation of RugbyATL, I hadn’t truly appreciated all of the lessons learned and how they would apply in an entirely new way.  In its infancy, with like-minded people, we sat down and built a simple model to run our business. We decided to be unique and establish the first franchise in Major League Rugby to build itself on core values.

The acronym P.A.C.E. is what came out of those conversations and PACE represents our actions and behaviors inside and outside of rugby and the sports business environment.  More importantly, PACE is the lens through which we view all of our important decisions.

P is for developing People

A is for embracing Accountability

C is for Create Change

E for focus on Execution

PACE is a mindset of giving the gift of making others around you successful. It’s accepting reality instead of your own biased feelings.  It’s owning your actions, looking for ways to not just accept and adapt to change but to be the catalyst for that change. Finally, it’s being a person of your word and who executes what you commit to.

PACE applies in all of the environments I live in; sport, technology, and most importantly at home.

These values really kick into action with developing new, creative initiatives. Now, more than ever is a wonderful time to create change for your business in a way that invests in pain now for results later.

Two specific things were started in week 2 of our shut down.  First, at RugbyATL, we decided to kick off  Pathway 404 and launch a U19 program with two of our senior players in the lead.  In the software realm of my life, we are launching a major enterprise initiative that will turn a 100+ person team in an entirely new direction using never before seen technology at a very aggressive timeline.

I’ve committed to executing these powerful initiatives to both of my teams, Chairmans, CTO’s and CEO’s personally.

Admittedly, I was not doing great succession planning in either place before these two initiatives. The timing of everything presented a perfect opportunity to stretch and develop the people who are the future leaders and coaches to take my job at both places.  It’s an exciting thought working to make myself doubly obsolete!

Good coaching is good questioning. By developing people in their new roles and questioning them through the PACE mindset, I can help them #PushthePACE as well.

P: “What resources are you leveraging to increase your competency to do this role well? Tell me about what you’re doing to develop your people”

A: “Where are you strong? Where are you weak and need complementary skills to get the job done?”

C:  “You have the high-level intention of what we want to achieve from the leadership team.  How have you made it better since we last talked?”, “Anything else?”

E:  “Here are the 5 metrics I’m after.  Tell me about how you see us measuring success on this”

While I’m looking forward to seeing both of these big initiatives come to fruition in the next year and feel confident in the changes made, what I’m looking forward to the most is seeing the growth of everyone involved.

I hope this spurs some thoughts on how you can set your own PACE as parents, coaches, fans, and supporters.

See you on the road soon.

-Scott Lawrence

General Manager and Head Coach

Pathway 404 Announces Technical Partnership with Erreà

Pathway 404 Announces Technical Partnership with Erreà

Pathway 404: Erreà Partnership

Press Release:

For Immediate Release June 17th, 2020

Pathway 404, the official academy and pathway structure guided by the leadership of Rugby ATL, has partnered with Erreà, an Italian sportswear brand specialized in the production of technical sports clothing.

Pathway 404 provides regional players and coaches with the opportunities and resources for individual development and accelerates their journey from their first step on the pitch to representing the USA on the international stage.

Pathway 404 has community-based youth programs, a regional U19 team and an Academy team with representation from each of the 6 Southeastern States of the United States which includes: Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina & North Carolina.

Angelo Gandolfi, founder of Erreà, dedicated his company to helping athletes reach their highest potential and has remained a family-owned business for over 30 years. Moreover, the family-based values that have driven Erreà’s success for the past two decades align well with Pathway 404’s commitment to push the #PACE in the Southeast.

“We are excited to partner with a company that is committed to the development of the people through sport and inspiring future leaders of communities through a commitment to core values,” said Kevin McCorry, Vice President for Rugby ATL.

Roberto Gandolfi, Erreà USA President stated: “As a former rugby player, I’m really honored that Erreà has been chosen as technical partner for this unique project of which we share values and objectives. We are proud of starting this adventure together and we are ready with enthusiasm and passion to invest our 30-year experience in teamwear.”

Pathway 404 athletes and staff will be wearing the Erreà brand against regional Development teams for the next 2 years as the partnership will last through the 2022 season.