Community, Sportsmanship & Teamwork- The Fire & Ice Cup

The Fire & Ice Cup

Presented By: Walton Communities

“A commemoration of Sportsmanship & Unity through Rugby.”

Rugby ATL vs. Toronto Arrows

Est. 2021


The incredible return of Major League Rugby in 2021 has been complemented by an amazing story of 2 teams, from 2 different countries, calling 1 stadium home for a season. A circumstance that will likely never happen again.

The Journey South

In February, the pandemic presented another unique challenge, this one specifically for the Toronto Arrows. The regulations of the United States & Canadian border and quarantine protocols made it logistically impossible for the Arrows to compete in Season 4 of Major League Rugby. 

Toronto Arrows Owner, Bill Webb, who has made a professional career in strategy advisement and capital management, called his colleague and Rugby ATL Owner, Marcus Calloway, to see if they (the Arrows) could relocate from the “6” to the “404” for the upcoming season.

The entire Rugby ATL franchise and their partners welcomed the request to host their brothers from the North. From training facilities to medical care to nutrition, Calloway ensured his colleagues had the resources to operate in a high-performance environment 951 miles away from home (1530km for those reading across the border).


“We compete on the pitch for 80 minutes, but at the end of the day

rugby is a fellowship, a brother and sisterhood that brings us together

to support the greater good of the sport,” said Scott Lawrence, Rugby ATL General Manager, and Head Coach.  “It’s been our pleasure to host the Arrows and we’re grateful for the opportunity to live the rugby ethos that binds our community.”


“The Fire and Ice Cup is a fantastic way to commemorate an unprecedented year for our two clubs,” said Chris Silverthorn, Toronto Arrows Director of Rugby.  “We’re grateful for Rugby ATL opening their doors for us and giving us a sense of ‘home’ in this nomadic year of ours, displaying the unity of our sport. This Cup will not only add to our growing rivalry with Atlanta but will also serve as a reminder of how two clubs could come together to overcome challenges under an incredibly difficult set of circumstances.”


The Fire and Ice Cup will set the stage for an annual competition between Toronto and Atlanta by representing how rugby drives unity and sportsmanship in the community. 

The Fire and Ice Cup will set the stage for an annual competition between Toronto and Atlanta by representing how rugby drives unity and sportsmanship in the community. 


The Cup Format

The teams will play for the Cup annually, and it will travel with the winning franchise.  The Cup can only be reclaimed if won in the home stadium of the last year’s winner. 

The inaugural match of this cup will take place on Saturday, May 8th, 2021 in a joint home match between the two teams. Be there in person, and help us inaugurate the “Fire And Ice Cup.”

Match Details:

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

🏟️ The Snake Pit

🕓 7:00 PM EST

📺 Stream live via The Rugby Network

Presented by: Walton Communities

The mission of Walton Communities is to go beyond building places where people live by creating neighborhoods where people thrive. The team at Walton is committed to providing exceptional housing at a great value in a friendly neighborhood environment. 

Walton on the Chattahoochee Community Director, Brenda Hall, and her team have opened their doors to the rugby community. Walton currently houses over 40 Professional Rugby Players, Coaches, Referees, and Staff that represent over 11 different countries. 

Riverside model-27

The organization’s commitment to exceptional housing and a welcoming environment are the driving factors around the relocation of the Toronto Arrows to Atlanta for the 2021 season.  

Walton Communities


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