Rajpal Sagoo

Rajpal Sagoo is an entrepreneur having created and developed many startups in the Greater Atlanta Area. His background is in big data, emerging technologies, and establishing a footprint for innovation. He is currently the Managing Partner of MDD Holdings, a company focused on investing in and scaling small businesses. Raj is also a member of the US Army Reserves and serves his local community in various ways, including being on the Board of Advisors for the UNG School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Raj brought his passion for business to the Rugby scene in early 2016 assisting in the development of Major League Rugby. He hopes to help Rugby ATL take an early lead on others through the use of technology and data understanding. He hopes to leverage technology to assist players and coaches in better preparing and training for their opponents week in and week out. Through data management, Raj hopes to help the business side grow while putting the fans needs and wants first.