Sep 6, 2019

Current Sponsors From the President & CEO, Robert Taylor:

On behalf of the club I would like to thank you for taking the time to peruse our Sponsorship Prospectus for 2020. What you will find throughout this document is the varying levels of sponsorship that we can offer from Rugby ATL. Whether it be as a major sponsor, to a game day sponsor or youth sponsor, there is a package for everyone.

The key inclusions for each package is only the surface of what is available to you as a sponsor. If you are interested in any sponsorship package, our wonderful staff would be happy to meet with you to discuss the additional benefits.

There has never been a better time to become involved with Rugby ATL.

On the field we aim to be at the forefront for participation numbers and our market research strongly suggests that is only the beginning of fan engagement.

Our field offers everything for the most excited fans, to the most experienced fans and on to the most elite of our partners and investors. Our top facilities will add to our ability to provide increasing exposure to our sponsors through both signage and electronic media.

With many more exciting programs and initiatives on the horizon I encourage you to jump on board and join Rugby ATL in our inaugural year for 2020.

If you want to partner with a team that is committed to creating positive change in the community then please contact our Account Executive, Peyton Van Schalkwyk at [email protected]


  • Sponsorship Category Exclusivity

  • National & Regional In-Game TV Commercial Advertising

  • Sponsored Features & Branded Content

  • Prominent Jersey Logo Placement

  • Unique In-Stadium and On-Field Signage Opportunities

  • Game Sponsorship & Co-Branded Fan Giveaways

  • On-Site Display, Activation & Sampling Opportunities

  • Branded Digital, Email, and Social Media Content

  • In-Market Promotional & Licensing Rights

  • Retail Traffic Drivers, Ticket Promotions & Player Appearances

  • Unique Game Day VIP Ticket & Hosted Hospitality

If you or your company are looking to get involved with Rugby ATL, please email our Account Executive, Peyton Van Schalkwyk, at [email protected]


Rugby ATL Airs Eighth Episode of ‘The RATL Roundup’

Rugby ATL Airs Eighth Episode of ‘The RATL Roundup’

Atlanta, Georgia – This week, on ‘The RATL Roundup,’ Rugby ATL had on some of the earliest members of the franchise, in Sam Peri, Samuel Chaney, and Eamonn Matthews. A little over a year ago, each man dropped what he was doing at the time for a shot at becoming a professional athlete in the MLR, joining Rugby ATL for the fall development season with the 404.

Rugby ATL Posts Penultimate Video of ‘Rugby 101’ Series: on Kicking

Rugby ATL Posts Penultimate Video of ‘Rugby 101’ Series: on Kicking

On this episode of ‘Rugby 101,’ pro player Neets Gericke helps us understand the nuances around the kicking game of rugby. With the help of our tactical kickers Kurt Coleman and Duncan Van Schalkwyk, we learn about: the main reason to kick, the types of kick available to players, the intended outcomes around kicking, and the process to optimize kicking the rugby ball.

Rugby ATL Posts Sixth Installment of ‘The RATL Roundup’ Live Series

Rugby ATL Posts Sixth Installment of ‘The RATL Roundup’ Live Series

Rugby ATL released our sixth episode of The RATL Roundup, our weekly series live-streamed to share some of the people behind our organization with our viewers.

This week, our episode featured players Marno Redelinghuys and Ross Deacon, two of our talented forwards here at Rugby ATL, to showcase their unique backgrounds as rugby players and their well-roundedness as men.