what is rugby


Rugby was born in 1823 and is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.

Objective of game

Passing the ball back and forth, players attempt to carry the ball into the end zone and ground it (a try).

After a try, the scoring team is awarded an additional kick (a conversion), which must be made from any point on an imaginary line that runs parallel to the sidelines through where the ball was touched down.

Teams can also earn points by kicking the ball over the goal crossbar either from a penalty kick or in open play (a drop goal).


The ball can only be passed by hand backwards or parallel to the goal line. Forward passing by hand is not allowed.

The ball can be kicked forward, but only the kicker or a player who was behind the kicker at the time of the kick is allowed to catch it.


Two halves; 40 continuous minutes each. After 40 minutes, match continues until the ball is ‘dead,’ or leaves the field, etc.


15 total per team


Try = 5 points
Conversion = 2 points
Drop Goal = 3 points
Penalty Goal = 3 points

Rugby Talk

Jersey = Kit

Ruck = Phase of play where one or more players from each team are bound over the ball, which is on the ground between them.

Maul = Similar to the ruck, except the ball is in the hands of one of the players.

Scrum = Takes place after certain infringements. Traditionally consists of 8 people. Purpose is to send the ball to the teammates behind, using feet only. Re-starts play after knock-ons or forward passes.

Lineout = A throw-in after the ball leaves the side of the field. Here, players from both teams form lines and a player throws the ball between them. Usually, one player is lifted up by their teammates to catch the ball.

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